Chimney & Leadwork

Kingston Roofing are highly recommended in your local area for all types of chimney and leadwork.

  • Chimney repointing
  • Replacement cowls and chimney pots
  • Chimney repairs of all types
  • Flashings
  • Valleys
  • Ridge tiles
  • Leadwork repairs
  • Replacement lead
  • Mortar replacement
  • Chimney reconstruction
  • Chimney demolition
  • Emergency storm damage

Chimneys need to be safe and secure to prevent accidents from happening to you and your neighbours. If you suspect that your chimney or leadwork is in need of repair, then contact Kingston Roofing today before any further damage is done.

We will pay you a visit and make sure that your chimney is as safe as can be and will address any repairs that need to be made to it and quote you accordingly.

Some of our customers in the London area choose to have their chimneys demolished or blocked up because they are no longer being used due to modern day heating systems being used in their homes.

We can add chimney cowls to prevent birds from nesting and if you need replacement chimney pots we can provide these too.


From time to time you should get your chimney checked to make sure you do not need to have the mortar replaced. Once mortar becomes older, it can fall away leaving cracks to appear where rainwater can find its way into your loft area causing damp and mould to finally appear inside your home.


Call our experienced team at Kingston Roofing if you have any chimney or leadwork concerns, we will be more than happy to arrange a free call out to give you a roof and chimney survey. Call us today on any of the numbers at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.